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Graphene. The world’s most intelligent material

Leaders in global advanced manufacturing regard graphene as a pivotal enabler of Industry 4.0 (the 4th industrial revolution) because of the transformational possibilities it offers in 2 pivotal areas

  • Improving the properties of existing materials by making them stronger and lighter, more efficient, durable and heat or fire resistant
  • Providing conductivity and connectivity to the structure of materials to make possible their ‘intelligent’ usage


What the world is saying about Graphene?

Graphene – when being unseen means you’ve arrived

Graphene – when being unseen means you’ve arrived

There’s a lot of hype around graphene right now. ‘The key to industry 4.0’, the answer to affordable super batteries and the foundation of a low carbon economy (ironic since graphene is carbon) – all strident messages of advocacy. And all possible. But the future of...

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