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How Graphene is set to future-proof the world’s cities.

Graphene+ Enabled Smart Cities
International Conference
November 19th, 2019

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Graphene. The world’s most intelligent material

Leaders in global advanced manufacturing regard graphene as a pivotal enabler of Industry 4.0 (the 4th industrial revolution) because of the transformational possibilities it offers in 2 pivotal areas

  • Improving the properties of existing materials by making them stronger and lighter, more efficient, durable and heat or fire resistant
  • Providing conductivity and connectivity to the structure of materials to make possible their ‘intelligent’ usage


What the world is saying about Graphene?

Conference Countdown

Conference Countdown

Conference Countdown - only 5 days till our annual conference. You may read all the event details on our conference page including featured speakers, schedule, sponsors info and location. Featured speakers include: Dr John Tsanaktsidis, Peter Froeschle, Bronwyn Fox...

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Nanomagnets Made of Graphene

Nanomagnets Made of Graphene

New nanomagnets made of graphene will lead to more sustainable information technologies. By identifying the process of electron spin dynamics in nanoparticles scientists have opened the door to developing better magnets that could improve devices used in IT, as well...

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