Future Prospects: High growth companies such as Haydale Graphene Industries and Nexus Infrastructure has a positive future outlook in terms of their returns, profitability and cash flows. The prospects of these companies tend to outperform others, regardless of how the stock market is generally doing.

Below I’ve put together a list of great potential investments for you to consider adding to your portfolio if growth is a dimension you would like to firm up….

“Haydale Graphene Industries plc (AIM:HAYD)
Haydale Graphene Industries PLC, through its subsidiaries, sources, handles, functionalizes, and processes nanomaterials with a suite of prototyping and analytical equipment in the United kingdom, rest of Europe, North America, and internationally.

Founded in 2010, and now run by Raymond Gibbs, the company currently employs 70 people and with the company’s market cap sitting at GBP £32.52M, it falls under the small-cap category.

Driven by the exceptional 99.73% sales growth over the next few years, HAYD is expected to deliver an excellent earnings growth of 65.81%. It appears that HAYD’s profitability may be sustainable as the fundamental push is top-line expansion rather than unmaintainable cost-cutting activities.

HAYD’s bullish prospects on both the top and bottom lines make it an interesting stock to invest more time to understand how it can add value to your portfolio. Should you add HAYD to your portfolio? I recommend researching its fundamentals here.”

Flavor Of The Month: Haydale Graphene Industries And More
Source: Alerts Author Armando Maloney February 12, 2018

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