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“Our negotiations with CDIP will allow Archer to leverage our strategic graphite and graphene resources, and our inventory of specialised materials…The development of commercial quantum computing technology would transform computing across multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, energy, transport, finance and security….”

Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) has today announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with The University of Sydney for exclusive rights to develop and commercialise intellectual property (IP) related to graphene-based quantum computing technology.

AXE is working with the University’s office of Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP).

The patent rights are jointly held between the University of Sydney and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) through a collaborative research project co-led by Dr Mohammad Choucair when he worked at the University. The University and EPFL finalised an agreement with which EPFL allows the University to take the commercialisation lead in processing to negotiate with Archer.

“It is important to note that Australia has globally recognised expertise in quantum materials and is at the forefront of quantum technology. Archer is in a strong position to develop and commercialise strategically relevant IP for long-term company success and business development.”

Archer to negotiate exclusively with Uni of Sydney on quantum technology IP
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