Imagine Intelligent Materials (Imagine IM), a pioneering Australian graphene manufacturer and creator of smart materials, has been invited to

“Imagine IM will take part in Startup Autobahn in Stuttgart, Germany, from June 12-14. Startup Autobahn unites global young tech companies with the tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering. This is particularly relevant given Imagine IM’s goal of leading the development of smart surfaces for vehicles, and other industries.

The event puts start-ups into contact with established businesses in their sector, with the aim of developing prototypes and closing strategic investment opportunities with these companies.

Imagine IM was selected from a field of more than 5500 start-ups….”

“Imagine IM has a smart-sensing geo-fabric product already in the market, produced at its Geelong industrial facility. The technology can be deployed in numerous applications. Initially it is being used to ensure that leaks can be identified and fixed in tailing dams, but the strategic goal is on delivering improved safety. The company has developed a prototype smart road, installed at its Geelong factory, which senses traffic movements and will be able to solve traffic management challenges.”

Australian graphene start-up to take part in global accelerator program
Source: Manufacturers Monthly

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