We take a look at ten of the patents that changed the world. The world was a very different place only a century ago. Graphene is one of those 10. The world was a very different place only a century ago.

All the technology we see today was just a concept in the past. Some of them were not even thought of. These all relate to the technology that we can’t imagine life without these days.
Recognise this one? The patent was named “electronic device”. This was the patent for the first iPhone. Even though it was not the first smartphone or the first phone to connect to the internet, it changed the way all smartphones have been designed after its release.
Quadcopters – Drones – This patent was named “Omni-directional, vertical-lift, helicopter drone”. This was the patent for the quadcopters we are so used to seeing around the world and responsible for the amazing footage we see of the places that it is impossible to reach otherwise.

3D Printing “Apparatus for production of three-dimensional objects by stereolithography”. The 3D printing technology has made such giant strides in the modern age that it is hard to imagine a life without it.
GPS = Global Positioning System or as we commonly refer to it as GPS was patented under the name “Navigation system using satellites and passive ranging techniques”. We all know the importance of GPS and thousands of applications it is used in.
Graphene – This is not a very old patent and was filed under the name Nano-scaled graphene plates”. It is now known as the wonder material and its applications lie in literally every field.

10 Patents That Changed The World
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