First Graphene kicks-off (ASX: FGR) production at its commercial graphene facility in Western Australia, which the company states is a “significant milestone” for the global graphene industry.

“The company has been advancing its graphene production technology for three years. Until recently graphene has been uneconomic to produce in bulk, despite its advantageous features for numerous applications.
As one of the developer of one of the first commercial graphene productions facilities, First Graphene claims it is positioned at the “cutting edge of the graphene revolution”.
“This commissioning of the commercial graphene facility is a significant milestone for First Graphene as it progresses towards being a world leader in the production of high-quality graphene,” First Graphene managing director Craig McGuckin said….
The graphene is made from the company’s stockpile of high grade Sri Lankan graphite.
According to First Graphene, until now reliable supplies of bulk graphene products to industry have been limited and this has prevented widespread uptake.
The company reported that hurdle has now been jumped with its recently commissioned graphene production facility, which is scalable to meet the needs of increasing market demand.
First Graphene reported the graphene market is projected to grow more than 60% annually, however, at this stage the market remains in embryonic stages.”

First Graphene kicks-off production, asserts graphene revolution about to unfold
Source: Alerts Author: Lorna Nicholas – Small Caps

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