Graphene Foam in biomedical applications. Graphene foam could one day ease osteoarthritis joint pain and prevent the need for joint replacement.

“The intersection of graphene with stem cell biology may one day lead to new treatments for osteoarthritis, say researchers at Boise State University. Impacting millions of people across the globe, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis.
It is the 11th leading cause of disability, affecting 50 percent of the U.S. population over the age of 65. While some treatments can provide symptomatic relief, a cure for the disease has eluded scientists. Total joint replacement is a common solution. But a new study from Boise State aims to prove that graphene could provide better treatment options.
A team led by Katie Yocham and Dave Estrada has published a new study titled “Mechanical Properties of Graphene Foam and Graphene Foam – Tissue Composites.” Featured on the cover of the Advanced Engineering Materials journal, the study is the first to investigate the compressive mechanical properties of graphene foam – soft tissue composites. Previous studies have shown graphene foam’s compatibility with chondrogenic cell lines for cartilage tissue engineering.
This is the first study to focus on the viscoelastic behavior of the engineered tissue to test the functionality of the grown cartilage.”….
Estrada’s team previously demonstrated the growth of muscle tissue on graphene foam.
The biomedical use of graphene has other potentially wide-sweeping benefits, said Estrada, including health risks and injuries faced by military personnel. A majority of injuries sustained in combat impact the musculoskeletal system.

Graphene Foam Could One Day Ease Osteoarthritis Joint Pain and Prevent the Need for Joint …
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