Graphene will change the world

in many ways.  Here are some of the key uses of graphene currently under research.

Clean water access at a lower cost

Graphene-oxide membranes allow solvents, such as water, to pass through but block impurities such as bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants. This would allow developing countries to extract drinking water from sea water faster and more effectively…..

Speed and efficiency of electronics

Although graphene cannot currently compare with silicon as a semiconductor material because it is a poor transistor, if scientists could crack this problem, the possibilities for its application in electronics would be enormous.
Graphene computers are likely to be able to run 1000 times faster and use far less power than they do now.

Safety equipment will become more resilient

Helmets coated with graphene are now available, meaning that any impact is spread across a wider area, distributing the force more evenly and so reducing the risk of injury. The layer of graphene enables the heat to be  dissipated more effectively and therefore comfort is also improved.
Plastic was the ‘wonder material’ of the 20th century and despite the problems now associated with it and the environment, there is no denying that it completely revolutionized a whole range of industries and this is what graphene is now set to do for the 21st century. It will become more prominent as researchers perfect its properties and find new ways that it can improve products and lives.

Graphene will change the world: this is how it can be used
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