“Chinese scientists have developed a graphene-based tattoo-like electronic skin, which could function as a wearable electronic device to monitor health.
Electronic skin or e-skin refers to thin, flexible and stretchable electronic material that mimics human skin and can sense pressure, temperature and stretch. Graphene, a super thin material with excellent flexibility and conductivity, is an ideal material for electronic skin, Xinhua reported.
Scientists from Tsinghua University demonstrated a graphene electronic skin based on laser scribing technology. With the assistance of water, the electronic skin is transferable not only to human bodies, but also to other substrates such as leaves and silk.
It could be attached to human skin as well as masks and throats to measure body signals such as breathing, heartbeat and voice. The electronic skin exhibits high sensitivity and long-term stability. It can withstand higher temperatures and is comfortable to wear.
With laser scribing technology, the pattern of the graphene-based electronic skin can be personalised, a feature that will help future commercialisation. The electronic skin has huge potential in health care and intelligent systems, according to the scientists.”

Scientists develop wearable electronic skin that can monitor health
Source: Alerts

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