Quantum tech relates to the development of a quantum electronic device (QED) for storing and processing quantum bits (qubits) — the fundamental components of a quantum computer.

That’s where Archer comes in, as the QED requires graphene; available in the inventory of the small cap’s wholly owned subsidiary, Carbon Allotropes.

“Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) has informed the market it has finalised terms with the University of Sydney Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) for exclusive rights to develop and commercialise intellectual property related to carbon-based quantum computing technology.
AXE and CDIP have agreed to negotiate a definitive binding licence agreement for AXE’s exclusive international rights to develop and commercialise quantum technology IP. CDIP has agreed to deal exclusively with AXE for the execution of a proposed licence agreement for the next six months.
The key terms of the proposed licence agreement between the two parties has been finalised and remain confidential, and this process has facilitated the filing, and national phase entry, of a patent cooperation treaty (PCT) application by the University of Sydney in the geographic areas covered by a European Patent, Australia, the US, Japan, Republic of Korea and China.”

AXE finalises terms for graphene-based quantum tech with University of Sydney
Source: Alerts

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