Can graphene significantly improve the resilience of a road surface? A road surface experiment in Rome is looking to test exactly that. (Note: news below is auto-translated from Italian.)

“A road surface consisting of a supermodifier with graphene which promises a 250% increase in the life of the asphalt and that from today is being drafted on the Ardeatina for a first experimental stretch of one kilometer, making it the first road in the world made with this material.
After the first phase of experimentation, consisted in the design, creation and analysis in the laboratory of Ecopave, the supermodifier based on graphene nanotechnology for which in November 2017, after three years of research, the patent was filed by the Iterchimica company, started today and begins the second phase consisting, following the indication of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, in the remake of the last two layers of the road paving of one kilometer in the Strada Provinciale Ardeatina, between km 15 + 800 and 16 + 800 South, in collaboration with the University La Sapienza of Rome…..
The experimentation has been included in a framework agreement which provides for the superficial restoration of a highly uneven section of the existing pavement. Only the last two layers of surface asphalt (binder and wear mat) of the three that make up the road (base, binder and wear) will be redone. Thanks to the regenerative additives, the experimentation also provides for the reuse of 40% of recycled milled asphalt (demolition material of the old flooring) for the binder, while for the wear mat 30%. The roads built with the super-modifiers will be infinitely recyclable: in fact, it is possible to reuse up to 100% of their milled asphalt to create the new flooring avoiding the disposal of the material in landfill
The implementation of this material, commented De Vito, “foresees a resistance to fatigue increased by 250 percent and the possibility of recovering 30-40 percent of the materials.”

Rome: Ardeatina first street in the world made with graphene
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Directa Press release :World’s First Road Surface Containing Graphene
Directa Plus (AIM: DCTA), a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and
industrial markets, ” announces the re-surfacing of the first road in the world with a supermodifier containing graphene.
The road surface, on a section of Rome’s Strada Provinciale Ardeatina, is part of a commercial test of Ecopave, which is based on Directa Plus’s Graphene Plus (G+) graphene product.
Ecopave has been developed by the Company with Iterchimica, an Italian based world leader in products that enhance both asphalt performance and the laying of road surfaces in order to increase safety, environmental sustainability, and efficiency.”
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