First Graphene receives large PureGRAPH order. This is the largest commercial order of graphene anywhere to date.

First Graphene has reported a large purchase order for 2,000 kg (2 tonnes) of PureGRAPH range products from newGen for delivery during 2019. FGR states that this order represents a step change in the business as it starts to scale up for larger size orders. In addition, FGR says that the premium price to be received pursuant to the order “debunks the myth that graphene is expensive”.
As previously reported, FGR is working closely with newGen Group to provide performance enhancement to their existing products. newGen Group has recently introduced a branded Amour-GRAPH product range of wear liners for bucket wheel, pipe spools and conveyor applications.
In a recent development, FGR confirmed further progress in its R&D collaboration with newGen Group. newGen is supplying a wear lining system for dryer chute applications to a large Australian cement producer in their Perth facility.

From First Graphene receives large PureGRAPH order

Anna Napoli: Warwick, can you tell us about your order with newGen Group, starting with the size and the value of the order?
Warwick Grigor: It’s a purchase order for 2,000 kilograms of our high-grade PureGRAPH product. That is worth in excess of half a million dollars. Now before we can actually turn that sales order into an actual order, we’ve got a few government clearances to get through. So there may be 20 days, there might be 60 days of approvals but the cash will come in from that throughout 2019. So what it is, it’s newGen Group saying we love this graphene, we love what it does to our products and we want it and we’re going to start delivering it to our clients. So they’re getting in the queue to get their orders in early.
So it’s very significant. It’s the largest commercial sale of graphene on record anywhere in the world and the price is a premium price which debunks the myth that people have been saying that graphene is expensive. It’s not expensive given the benefits that it offers.

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