Graphene golf balls suppress spin and perform better. This means the ball goes faster and further which on the long shots and offer more accuracy on the short ones according to the manufacturer.

“The Tour-proven Chrome Soft Golf Ball with Dual SoftFast™ core, features space-age graphene, one of the strongest and thinnest materials in the world.
Graphene, tougher than diamond and 200 times stronger than steel, has added incredible strength to the outer core, transforming performance from tee to green.
The soft inner core now deforms more under larger forces so on impact with a driver, fairway wood or long iron it suppresses spin, translating into explosive speed and longer distance.
On shorter shots, the firm graphene-infused outer core works with a thin, ultra-soft Tour Urethane Cover to help the ball retain its shape better, perfect for pin-point, stroke-saving spin on pitches and chips.”

Callaway even have a white paper on the topic GRAPHENE: INCORPORATING THE WORLD’S STRONGEST KNOWN MATERIAL IN CHROME SOFT’S CORE By: Vijay Chavan (Principal Materials Scientist, Golf Ball R&D)

“It’s generally understood that most golfers prefer a golf ball that has lower driver spin and a higher green side spin. In a dual core construction, this is typically achieved by designing a larger/softer inner core and a thinner/firmer outer core. However, a thin outer core layer, combined with a high compression differential between the inner and outer cores, puts extreme stress on the outer core at impact, sometimes beyond the threshold of durability….”
“Because of its ultra-high strength, very small amounts are needed to achieve desired benefits in mechanical properties of composites. Even though graphene started as a very expensive material after it was originally isolated by the scientists, the latest innovation in its production engineering has brought down the cost to more reasonable levels. As a result, many types of sports equipment have recently been modified with graphene and available to consumers, such as tennis racquets, bike helmets, skis, and hockey sticks.”
“When we initially explored it in golf ball core recipe, we were astonished to find a durability improvement of more than 200%! It took months of development to figure out how to homogeneously disperse such a fine nano-material into our rubber core mixture, but we finally achieved success and the result was an incredible strength improvement in the outer core of our Chrome Soft products. The high strength reinforcement capability of graphene in our core mixture has opened up a completely new design space for our dual core golf balls. We now can design a much larger softer inner core and cover it with a thinner, stronger outer core to achieve the ball performance we want.”

Callaway Unveils Special Ryder Cup TRUVIS Chrome Soft Golf Balls

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