Haydale have announced graphene ink for diabetes monitoring now being produced in commercial quantities.

“Haydale (AIM: HAYD), the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that through its Taiwanese operation, Haydale Technologies Taiwan (“HTW”), it has started to supply commercial quantities of its functionalised graphene ink to a major print house in Taiwan. The graphene ink is used to print test strips in the self-diagnostic biomedical sensor device market for diabetes monitoring. Haydale believes its graphene ink is the first of its kind being used in volume in this market.
Following over a year of market testing, evaluation and gaining regulatory approvals, including extensive production quantity in-line testing, HTW has now started to deliver its graphene screen printed inks as part of a recent 100kg order secured from a leading Taiwanese printer. Haydale’s graphene ink is proving to be a high quality, more stable, and consistent product, replacing the established graphite and carbon inks used extensively in producing the test strips for this significant global market. HTW continues to supply evaluation and pre-production graphene inks to a number of printers in this market sector.
In addition, as a second phase some customers are now trialling an all-carbon sensor utilising HTW’s graphene-enhanced ink that is aimed at removing the need for the expensive silver conductive ink tracks extensively used today. The outcome is a more environmentally friendly (potentially recyclable) product. If achieved, Haydale believes this breakthrough could have a significant effect on the industry.”

See also Haydale presentation from 2018 Conference Note: the image comes from that presentation.
Read the full new release – Update on Haydale’s functionalised graphene ink sales to the biomedical sensor market

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