Gratomic graphene enhanced tyres are coming later this year. These tyres will probably be the first range of Graphene-enabled ultra fuel-efficient tires

Gratomic plans to launch its new Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET) toward the end of summer 2019. Gratomic Inc., a Canadian company, focuses on mine-to-market commercialisation of graphite products. It creates graphene-based components for several mass market products.
Tyre manufacturers worldwide are seeking to launch ultra fuel efficient products using graphene-enhanced tread pattern designs. Designs include, for example, blocks, streamlined ribs, and lugs.
According to a Gratomic press release:
“Gratomic has evolved its strategic planning. Initially, the company forecast it would produce its first batch of Hyper High-Performance Tires in 2018.”
“However, initial tire trial compound testing and strong market pull trends dictate that the company vary its planning where Gratomic will now target mass market sales demand via Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET).”

Gratomic notes about their target market

“Gratomic Target Market
Tires enhanced with graphenes were first produced in about 2014. The global tire market has recognized that employing graphenes within tire treads, walls and the inner linings can make tires lighter, provide better grip and reduce rolling resistance to an extent that is not possible with existing tire compounds. As with all business sectors, from time to time new potentially disruptive innovative developments emerge.
Tire companies are always seeking new materials to furnish them with an edge over their competitors. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons most such innovations never actually reach the production stage. Rarely does a product or production process actually complete the journey to becoming part of a tire.
The second iteration of Gratomic graphene-enhanced tread tire compounds are being produced ready for dynamic testing. Results to date indicate that Gratomic is at least on par with prior graphene formulations. Key to the ability for Gratomic to establish the first mass-market Mine to Graphene to Tire is the production of large quantities of graphenes nano surface modified to enhance tire performance, providing consistent quality at the right price….
Technical Overview…
As a whole, a typical tire is a composite of several parts, primarily sidewalls, inner liner, and the tire tread, which itself is a rubber component. The sidewalls comprise a steel cord and textile reinforced rubber network. If one considers that the tire tread is the only part of the vehicle’s contact with the road, it becomes obviously evident, that the majority of sources of energy dissipation are facilitated by the tread material, which is the prime influencing component on performance, such as handling, fuel efficiency, and braking efficiency.
It is a known fact that adding graphene changes the shape of the rheology curve, which influences the cure chemistry and results in changes to the rubber compound.”

Gratomic to launch graphene ultra-fuel-efficient tires
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