Anker Soundcore earphones have just been launched. They use audio drivers which have been coated with graphene layers. According to Anker, this improves the sound quality by producing ‘cleaner’ audio.

“Anker has launched a pair of truly wireless earphones, dubbed the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. The earphones present more innovation on the audio front than a standard pair of in-ear truly wireless earbuds, by employing standard audio drivers coated with Graphene layers.
The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air has been launched at Rs 7,999, and will be available online on with an 18-month product warranty. There has been no word so far on its availability in offline channels.
Being a high absorbent material in terms of its physical properties, the Graphene layer reduces the amount of microscopic, distorted vibrations that are produced in earphone drivers as a result of incident audio waves.
This property allows a driver to produce lesser ineffective vibrations, which in turn reduce the overall harmonic distortion produced by a pair of earphones.
This helps produce ‘cleaner’ audio, i.e. sound devoid of distortion even at high volumes, hence enabling clearer reproduction of lows (bass), mids, and highs.
This, however, must not be confused with Graphene-built acoustic transducers used in more expensive, experimental speakers in a bid to improve audio quality in large audio equipment.”


Anker Soundcore Liberty Air truly wireless earphones launched, priced at Rs 7999

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