Graphene application examples across a number of sectors include Energy, Material Science, Automotive, Biotech and Technology according to R & D Mag in their special focus series.

“Since graphene was first isolated over a decade ago, researchers have been investigating it for a variety of innovative purposes. Over the last month, R&D Magazine took a closer look at different graphene applications as part of our “Special Focus” series.

Researchers have long been investigating the use of silicon in lithium-ion batteries, as it has the potential to greatly increase storage capacity compared to graphite, the material used in most conventional lithium-ion batteries. By some estimates, silicon could boast a lithium storage capacity of 4,200 mAh/g—11 times that of graphite.
However, despite its benefits, silicon has stability changes due to its tendency to rapidly expand and contract when used in a lithium-ion battery. Researchers at the Global Graphene Group are working to overcome this problem by utilizing a graphene and silicon composite anode. Our article “Graphene, Silicon Combo Could be Key to Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Batteries” features an exclusive interview with Bor Jang, PhD, the CEO and Chief Scientist of Global Graphene Group, who explains how the technology works.
Material Science

Another, perhaps less conventional, graphene pairing is also making a splash. Researchers from Brown University are utilizing graphene oxide to strengthen alginate—a natural material derived from seaweed—and create a unique hydrogel that will become stiffer and softer in response to different chemical treatments. This innovation could be used in several applications, including to make more robust smart materials that react to their surroundings in real time.

Our article “Using 3D Printing, Researchers Combine Graphene Oxide, Seaweed- Derived Material to Create Smart Hydrogel” explains how the researchers used a 3D printing technique called stereolithography to make this new material.
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