Graphene cycle tires brand – Vittoria has launched the next generation of its graphene cycle tires called Graphene 2.0.

“Italian cycling brand Vittoria has updated its premier compound reinforcer featuring the carbon allotrope graphene. Dubbed Graphene 2.0, Vittoria claims the second generation of graphene technology is one minute and 20 seconds faster over 50 kilometres compared with the first generation version. That figure is astonishing. So, what’s the difference between the initial compound, 1.0, and the updated 2.0 version?
For starters, the graphene technology has become central to Vittoria’s high-end 4C tires, where four different compounds are merged together to create a single tire. Vittoria is the only large company to use four compounds in a single tire.
For its second generation, Vittoria has coined the term “functionalized graphene.” In the first generation, graphene was used evenly among the different compounds, but for the newest form, Vittoria found a way to pinpoint graphene’s integration into the compound to improve specific components. The different compounds contain between one and 10 percent graphene, allowing the company to focus on specific improvements among its various compounds, such as that impressive rolling resistance claim.
However, before diving deeper into Graphene 2.0, let’s reexamine what graphene is and why Vittoria began using it.”
Graphene 2.0 is an integral component of Vittoria’s Corsa and Rubino lines, especially the TLR (Tubeless Ready) versions. Vittoria claims Graphene 2.0 helps its road tires have less rolling resistance and increased air retention, grip, and cut resistance.
Off-road, Graphene 2.0 is integrated to increase grip, particularly on wet surfaces, increase air retention, and cut resistance. In improving those three components, Vittoria sacrificed the life of the tire. Vittoria off-road tires with Graphene 2.0 actually have a shorter lifespan than tires with the first-generation graphene technology, according to Vittoria’s own data. Tire rolling resistance is the same among the first and second graphene generations.
Vittoria says the trade-off between lifespan and rolling resistance is temporary. It expects to work toward improving its product to close that gap fairly soon.”
Vittoria (also) began using graphene in its wheels and claims the allotrope considerably strengthens the mechanical properties….”

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