A graphene ‘sandwich’ made up with boron nitride could be the key to new nano-electronics according to Graphene Flagship researchers at DTU, Denmark.

“Graphene Flagship researchers solved one of the challenges of making graphene nano-electronics effective: to carve out graphene to nanoscale dimensions without ruining its electrical properties.
This allowed them to achieve electrical currents orders of magnitude higher than previously achieved for similar structures.
The work shows that the quantum transport properties needed for future electronics can survive scaling down to nanometric dimensions.
Since its inception, scientists have tried to exploit graphene to produce nano-sized electronics. However, since graphene is only an atom thick, all atoms are exposed to the outside world, and even small amounts of defects and impurities impede its properties.
Now, Graphene Flagship researchers at DTU, Denmark solved this problem by protecting graphene with insulating layers of hexagonal boron nitride, another two-dimensional material with insulating properties….
Peter Bøggild, researcher at Graphene Flagship partner DTU and coauthor of the paper, explains that although ‘graphene is a fantastic material that could play a crucial role in making new nano-sized electronics, it is still extremely difficult to control its electrical properties.’
Daniel Neumaier, Graphene Flagship Division Leader for Electronics and Photonics Integration says:
‘Controlling the electronic properties of graphene by nano-pattering offers an additional degree of freedom for the design of electronic and photonic devices, which was so far not accessible. The researchers from Graphene Flagship partner DTU and their co-workers now discovered a unique way for nano-patterning of graphene without seeing the limitations of patterning introduced defects.
This was the key enabling step for using the nano-patterning induced electronic properties of graphene in real device and we are expecting significant advances especially for nano-electronics and photonics based on these results.’


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