GrapheneCA launches its second graphene production line in Brooklyn. They are very proud of their environmentally friendly production process. Scaling up of the production volume is indicative of growing demand for graphene.

“The commercial-scale graphene-materials producer expands its Brooklyn facility to keep up with exploding demand. Headquartered in New York, Nano Graphene Inc, doing business as GrapheneCA, is a privately owned, commercial-scale graphene and graphene-based materials producer and supplier.
GrapheneCA announced Friday that its second graphene production line in Brooklyn is now fully operational.
It’s a major milestone that marks a tenfold leap in GrapheneCA’s production power of the new wonder material that is more solid than steel and a better conductor than copper.
As its name indicates, graphene is extracted from graphite, the material used in pencils. Like graphite, graphene is entirely composed of carbon atoms and 1 mm of graphite contains some 3 million layers of graphene. Whereas graphite is a three-dimensional crystalline arrangement, graphene is a two-dimensional crystal only an atom thick.
Graphene has the potential to transform a range of sectors such as electronics, energy, health and construction.
It is noteworthy that GrapheneCA’s production technology uses only water, natural graphite and energy. “The new technology lets us preserve graphene, ship it with high efficiency and then dispense it on location  in production ready pristine condition  in significant quantities on demand.”


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