Nanomed Revel graphene biosensors help to reduce the number of false positives and negatives in their primary screen according to a new early access screening programme just launched.

“Fragment-based lead discovery (FBLD) involves biophysical screening of proteins against libraries of low molecular weight compounds. In this early stage, false positives can be problematic due to high levels of solvents and nonspecific hydrophobic binding.
At the same time, it is vital that screening techniques are highly sensitive to detect weak interactions.
Nanomed, leading producer of graphene biosensors for pharmaceutical and bio-therapeutics research, announces the launch of the Early Access Program for Revel, the first high-throughput direct measurement platform for fragments and small molecules using orthogonal Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology.
“Until now, FBLD researchers have had to balance throughput, sensitivity and protein consumption using multiple techniques to cross-check results,” says Nanomed CEO, Ross Bundy. “Revel is on par with ligand-observed NMR in sensitivity and throughput, while using much less protein, even less than thermal shift assays.
It is an excellent addition to the arsenal of any scientist who wants to drastically reduce the number of false positives and negatives in their primary screen.”
Revel is a 24-channel direct binding system that is fully automated with a 48-hour walkaway run time, designed to be used with the Nimbus HD liquid handler by Hamilton Robotics.
Easy-to-use, built-in software acquires and analysis data in real time, enabling results for 576 interactions in a day, including analysis. The platform measures up to 10 mM concentrations, ensuring accurate detection of low affinity binding interactions.
Revel uses orthogonal FEB technology, a breakthrough electrical sensing technique that is unaffected by optical impediments such as solvents and significantly reduces nonspecific binding….”


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