First Graphene targets car industry with their high quality graphene advanced materials.

“Advanced materials producer First Graphene (ASX:FGR) presented at Graphene Automotive 2019 this week, showing off the latest data proving the quality of its PureGRAPH range.
Graphene Automotive 2019 Exhibition and Conference in Detroit, USA, is an annual gathering where a melting pot of graphene researchers, suppliers and automotive manufacturers meets to discuss graphene-based solutions for the industry.
Perth based First Graphene produces high-quality graphene from high-grade Sri Lankan vein graphite.
Graphene is a thin and strong layer of carbon. It is a promising nano-material that can greatly ramp up the performance of a wide range of materials used in various industries, from something as basic as concrete through to batteries, elastomers, fire retardant paints, polymers and water filtration.
First Graphene’s chief technical officer, Dr Andy Goodwin, was updating attendees on the progress the company has made in recent times, including new data confirming the quality and potential use cases its flagship PureGRAPH™ range.

Quality over quantity

Lack of quality has been one of the reasons for slow commercialisation of graphene products across the board.
New data from study of the PureGRAPH™ range has reaffirmed that the products are rightly called graphene, differentiating First Graphene from some companies in the sector, who are actually selling micronised graphite.
It indicated PureGRAPH™ is a low-defect, high aspect ratio graphene product with low metal and silicon contamination levels.
Warwick Grigor, director of First Graphene, says this is all part of the process of commercialisation, by proving to potential customers it can deliver graphene in consistent and commercial quantities…
“The best way to get this message across to people, that we can supply high-quality graphene, is by putting our credentials on the table, like speaking with the automotive industry about how graphene can help improve their products.”

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