GrapheneCA has launched a new line of highly concentrated aqueous commercial graphene paste. The main benefit of this product format is, that it solves safety and quality challenges and simplifies shipping concerns. The company makes commercial graphene nano platelets and other related materials.

“Nano Graphene Inc. dba GrapheneCA (“GrapheneCA”) unveiled today a whole new line of high-tech graphene products and graphene-dispensing technology to meet the needs of industries currently searching for consistent and scalable on-demand solutions.
This new product line is comprised of highly concentrated aqueous commercial graphene paste. “One of the key benefits of GrapheneCA’s new approach to graphene production is the increase in stability and shipping efficiency, based on its own proprietary dispensing technology which allows both onsite production and dispensing of pristine dry product from a paste,” declared Dr. Sergei Voskresensky, Head of Research & Development at GrapheneCA’s New York-based production facility.
GrapheneCA uses this paste in its cement, waterborne coatings and soon-to-be-released products among many others. GrapheneCA’s innovative graphene technology solves safety and quality challenges and simplifies shipping concerns.
It is designed to permit customers use GrapheneCA’s core product as a competitive additive for high-volume demand industries, which are very sensitive to cost and technology change.
“The huge leap in technology GrapheneCA is presenting with our emerging product lines can disrupt many industries,” added GrapheneCA President, Founder and CEO Dr. Boris Goldstein, who went on to say: “We’ve been hard at work developing an incredible variety of smart products, ranging from graphene-based 3D printable filament to dental hygiene applications, smart water filters, transdermic patches for the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic products; all these technologies are being developed on our pristine green graphene, and more industries will be able to benefit from GrapheneCA’s anticipated products.”

GrapheneCA launches 2019 product line

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