Italy based company Directa Plus is actively working with graphene to launch new products across a range of sectors including textiles, transport, oil and gas. We previously mentioned their road surfacing project.

Directa Plus has signed deals with consumer brands Oakley and Bioracer, which used the company’s Graphene Plus (G+) to launch a cycling jersey in early July. Alfredo Grassi, another customer, is one of Italy’s largest workwear suppliers while G+ will also be used to treat a range of jeans made by Arvind, one of India’s top textile groups.
Transport, oil and gas
Directa is working with Marangoni – one of Italy’s leading re-tread companies – to produce better performing tyres for commercial buses and lorries. The company believes the G+ compound will increase grip, durability and fuel efficiency as well as extend the life of a tyre.
In the oil and gas sector, the firm has joined forces with Italian firm Sartec to develop a commercial-scale industrial system using its graphene-based Grafysorber product for treating oil-contaminated produced water.
The agreement follows initial joint research over the last eight months during which extensive tests on the Grafysorber product were successfully carried out. Since the agreement, the first phase of industrial field testing of Grafysorber has been completed.
The test was to remove petroleum hydrocarbons from the water produced as a by-product from oil and gas wells so that it can be reused. Romanian group OMV Petrom said the quality of water improved using Grafysorber.
Vittoria was the first manufacturer to use Directa’s products, firstly in a carbon fibre wheel, and then in “intelligent” bicycle tyres. These stay very hard when rolling, but soft when braking, and were used at the Rio Olympics, where cyclists won four medals using them.
Road durability
Directa has just published trial results from the world’s first road to be resurfaced with a supermodifier containing graphene. Ecopave, which is based on Directa’s Graphene Plus graphene product, has been laid on a section of Rome’s Strada Provinciale Ardeatina.
Directa has developed Ecopave with Iterchimica, an Italian-based maker of products that enhance asphalt performance. In April, the partners confirmed the trial would be extended after a substantial improvement in road surface wear and tear.”

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