“The issue is getting the dispersion technology right, you can’t just add graphene powder to another substance” according to Adrian Potts, chief executive of Applied Graphene Materials.

“The list of potential applications is seemingly endless: it could be used in planes to make them lighter and improve fuel efficiency or mixed with paint to prevent rust, while Head has already designed a graphene-enhanced tennis racquet. The issue is getting the dispersion technology right, he says, adding you can’t just add graphene powder to another substance.
“The aim is to join the dots between graphene and its application in any relevant industry.”
The right dispersion technology makes it easy to handle and to put into a product. Coatings and composites are Applied Graphene’s focus especially anti-corrosion products.
Rust is a problem that afflicts many industries.
Cars are an obvious market and Applied Graphene is close to launching its first product – an aerosol–based car paint primer – with Hycote, a brand of chemicals group James Briggs Limited. But it is in harsher environments that Potts sees the big prize and where rust is a big problem. Oil rigs, ships, wind turbines – all are highly prone to corrosion and a product that can prevent it would be in high demand.
AGM has developed a dispersed format of graphene, which Potts says is easy to use for many applications and has potential to provide benefits for barrier protection right  up to true anti corrosion enhancement and chemical resistance. That’s what it has been working on, but it takes time, he says.
For example, AGM has been working with James Briggs a long time to get to the point of a product launch, he says.
Other collaborations include another paint manufacturer, HMG, which is testing an anti-corrosion primer for commercial vehicles. Swedish group ANS, meanwhile, is carrying out scale-up trials of a low friction direct to metal application, while aerospace giant Airbus is testing a high temperature, low density glue for use on satellites.
True, these are still not orders, but that point is getting ever nearer especially as AGM now has technical data to back up the claims for the performance benefits.”

Applied Graphene Materials gets closer to ‘joining the dots’ for wonder material

Source: Proactive Investors

Image is a screenshot from “Applied Graphene predicts more sales ahead of new product launches” video.

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