An important Standardisation of Graphene Industries Event takes place on the 15th of May. The AGIA Chairperson Chris Gilbey is one of the presenters along with a number of other prominent graphene industry speakers. Please RSVP by 03 May 2019.
When: 15 May 2019 at 09:00 AM – 12:30 PM to be held at Standards Australia Offices – Sydney
Sydney NSW,2000.

“To support effective standardisation in the area of graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials; Standards Australia is hosting a Graphene Standardisation forum including a panel discussion.
Its aim is to allow all interested stakeholders to discuss effective Australian participation in international standardisation efforts and to provide an opportunity to engage with experts from the ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies.”
From the invitation
“Consensus-based documentary standards can play a critical role in tackling those challenges. The development of such standards must be driven by the needs of industry while taking into account the views of stakeholders from the regulatory and consumer domains to ensure the responsible and
sustainable development and deployment of graphene-based products…”
To ensure we have a productive forum, please consider the following issues specifically for the area of graphene standardisation:

  • Challenges in translating graphene research into products ◦ Technical ◦ Regulatory ◦ Responsible development (Health and safety, environmental, sustainability, etc.)
  • How could documentary standards help addressing those challenges?
  • What are current impediments for effective participation in standardisation activities for graphene and related products?

Presentations include these speakers:

  • Latest developments of translation of graphene research to industry Prof Dusan Losic – University of Adelaide
  • Industry needs and challenges for development and market entry of graphene and graphene-incorporating products Chris Gilbey – Australian Graphene Industry Association
  • Overview of graphene related pre-normative research Dr Andrew J Pollard – National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • Regulatory approaches to industrial nanomaterials including graphene & other 2D materials Dr Nobheetha Jayasekara and Ms Sarah Robinson – National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme
  • Overview of graphene focused standardization efforts and current graphene standardization projects in ISO TC 229 Dr Charles Clifford –National Physical Laboratory, UK

Read more and download extra information including Agenda and any updates over at Forum – Graphene Standardisation
Source: Standards Australia
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