Fire retardancy qualities boosted when added to polyurethane which will be of interest to the mining sector. “Further tests will be conducted, but certainly these initial results are very encouraging,” MD McGuckin added.

“In its latest achievement, First Graphene (ASX: FGR) has revealed its PureGRAPH graphene product boosts the safety of polyurethane material when added by improving its fire retardancy.
According to the company, several institutions have undertaken research and found that adding graphene to polyurethane elastomers provides “very useful fire retardancy qualities” in addition to other benefits.
The University of Adelaide and First Graphene have been carrying out tests on the performance of the PureGRAPH product range when added to polymer compounds, with initial results proving “impressive”.
During testing, base polyurethane elastomer burned with a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 22.85%. When 1% of PureGRAPH was added to the polyurethane material, the LOI was raised to 31.6%.
Under normal atmospheric conditions this means the PureGRAPH-enhance polyurethane material does not propagate or support flame and will only burn in the presence of significantly higher oxygen levels.
“Fire in rubbers and polyurethane elastomers costs the mining industry considerable amounts, both in terms of replacement and foregone productivity,” First Graphene managing director Craig McGuckin said.
“Using PureGRAPH to both increase the time between replacement and limit fire provides a considerable benefit to the users of polyurethane elastomers.”
As well as fire retardancy, previous tests have demonstrated PureGRAPH products also afford “significantly increased” tension, tear, and abrasion wear characteristics when included in polyurethane material.”


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Image source: First Graphene Product Sheet

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