GOLeafe CEO Arsheen Allam, founder and CEO of CNanoz Inc., as well as of her latest venture, GOLeafe, was interviewed recently by Christina Warner of ThriveGlobal. This was part of a series called “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years”. Desalination is one of those big ideas.

“Current graphene production methods are limited by high manufacturing costs and health and environmental risks, thus graphene has yet to realise its full commercial potential.
After several years of R&D, our team at GOLeafe developed an innovative patent-pending manufacturing approach, based on a scalable batch process that avoids harsh chemicals and expensive equipment.
Not only does GOLeafe’s cost advantage enable it to compete in existing markets, but it also allows GOLeafe to explore graphene’s versatility in new markets.
We are now testing our graphene and graphene derivatives on various substrate materials to create a desalination membrane. Since graphene is also a very conductive material, we are developing energy panels to produce clean energy as well as super capacitors to store it, in parallel.
How do you think this will change the world?
The dream is to create a self-sustaining desalination unit — one that uses graphene as both the power source as well as the filtration technology. In my vision, this end-to-end unit will be independent of the grid, and of geographical and weather conditions. This versatile unit will be a far more efficient alternative to reverse osmosis systems.
Furthermore, it will be a viable solution for last-mile communities, yet to have reliable sources of power and water, which in this day and age should not be the case and is a failure for humanity. We are working hard to bring these two basic human rights to all people, thus leading to more productive societies across the globe.”

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Source: Thrive Global. Author: Christina Warner

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