Grafoid Inc. announced the launch of its new company Grafprint3D. The 3D-printed composite materials market is expected to achieve substantial growth in the new few years and 3D printing one way of servicing that market.

“Grafoid Inc., one of the global leaders in the graphene products and applications market, announced the launch of its new company Grafprint3D (GP3D) Inc., with a portfolio of products and solutions to focus on the global additive manufacturing market based on Grafoid’s proprietary MesoGrafTM technology.
According to a recently published report by Technavio, the global 3D-printed composite materials market is expected to achieve a CAGR of approximately 38% during the time period 2019-2023, led by the consumer electronics, medical and aerospace and automotive sectors.
Graphene is one of the strongest material known to us it has potentially miraculous applications. Moreover Graphene is lightweight which is attractive to sectors like aerospace, automotive, and even filtration devices as it is easy to 3D print porous parts….
Grafprint3D Inc. provides its customers with a revolutionary platform for creation of 3D printable materials that will be utilized to enhance a variety of products and applications for markets including direct ink writing, inkjet printing, screen printing, and more.  The initial key application target markets include wearable device fabrication with biocompatible polymers, biomaterial substrates for cell therapy engineering research, and rapid product prototyping with printable advanced nanomaterials.

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Source: Manufactur3D Mag

Image: Grafoid Global Technology Centre (GGTC) — a world-renowned 220,000-square-foot research and development facility/Image Credit: Grafoid Inc.

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