A graphene additive called GrapheneBlackTM is said to increase the number of times plastics can be used. Could this be a way to reduce plastic waste ?

“NanoXplore Inc. is pleased to announce that the addition of GrapheneBlackTM (NanoXplore’s proprietary graphene product) to plastics increases the number of times plastics can be used – enabling a multi-use plastic that is now recyclable.
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced this week that his government will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021. In a statement, Mr. Trudeau mentioned: “Less than 10 per cent of plastic used in Canada gets recycled. Without a change in course, Canadians will throw away an estimated $11 billion worth of plastic materials each year by 2030.”
Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, Chief Executive Officer of NanoXplore, commented:
“We are committed to a sustainable future at NanoXplore and we have dedicated our resources and knowledge towards this goal. As a result of a 24-month research and testing program, we can confirm that by adding our GrapheneBlackTM powder and masterbatches to everyday-use plastics, such as Polyethylene, we can increase the lifetime of these plastics by making them reusable.
Degradation and thermal aging are the main reasons why many plastics are not reusable for the same purpose. GrapheneBlackTM protects plastics from these negative effects and provides our customers with a cost-effective and sustainable solution without disrupting the existing plastic supply chain. We are excited to help address the challenges of reusability of plastic.”

Plastics lose their physical properties every time they go through a recycling process. These processes include especially injection molding and extrusion.
Adding small quantities of GrapheneBlackTM counterbalances the detrimental effect of multiple processing cycles on the mechanical properties of plastic – making them more durable and more suitable for recycling purposes.
For example, when only 1% of GrapheneBlackTM 3X is added by weight to polyethylene (“PE”), the stiffness of the material remains unchanged after several successive processing cycles.”

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Source: Yahoo Finance. Image: Impact of GrapheneBlack™ on reusability of Plastics from NanoXplore Inc.

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