Graphene based quantum devices are being developed to provide atomic scale security and identity tracking for products and supply chains by a UK company called Quantum Base.

“Building on Nobel Prize winning work in graphene (2010), a one-atom thick ‘2D’ material, we have created our unique atomic scale IDs based on the irregularities found in these 2D materials. On the atomic scale, quantum physics amplifies these irregularities, making it possible to ‘fingerprint’ them and use these unique identities in our simple optical tags or devices – our unique Q-IDs.
Crucially, our quantum devices can be turned on or off anywhere in the supply chain, allowing covert or overt track and trace capability. With this ability, our Optical Q-IDs can arm organisations with unique, real-time product and market data, on a global scale.
Vulnerabilities in current anti-counterfeiting technologies allow identities of individuals, organisations and commodities to be faked for criminal gain. The problem lies in the macroscopic nature of these identities; RFIDs, holograms, fingerprints and irises can all be copied or cloned.
Our solution lies in the atomic world, where the laws of quantum mechanics exist. These can be harnessed to produce security tags that are impossible to copy.
Everything is unique at the atomic scale, moving single atoms around to clone a specific structure is virtually impossible. Just one of our Q-ID security tags contains around one thousand trillion atoms (10^15 or 1,000,000,000,000,000). It would take the most powerful scanning probe microscope roughly the age of the universe to produce an identical clone of a tag.
With this technological development, combined with mass-production capability and global scalability of our Q-ID devices via existing processes, Quantum Base can empower everyone across global supply chains, from production to consumption, to be a custodian of product authentication and security – armed with nothing more than a smartphone.

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Source: Quantum Base

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