Graphene nanoplatelets in PET for various bottle applications are being developed by XG Sciences (XGS) and Niagara Bottling for the food and beverage packaging industry.

“The firms have signed an intellectual property (IP) licence and joint development and commercialisation agreement, granting exclusivity to XG Sciences for access to Niagara’s patents and know-how, which involves using PET in graphene nanoplatelets as part of various bottle applications.
Niagara will offer XGS field engineering support to launch products into manufacturing lines for new customers. Through the agreement, XGS will gain access to a considerable IP portfolio that covers optimised dispersions of graphene nanoplatelets in PET.
In addition, the deal will allow the company to sell XGPET masterbatch pellets to global packaging companies within the next six to 12 months.
Niagara Bottling chief scientist Jay Hanan said: “For years we have used our expertise to innovate for Niagara Bottling’s customers. In this partnership with XG Sciences, we are now advancing those innovations to the broader packaging industry.
“We are excited to further enable our industry to utilise graphene to create more efficiently produced and user-friendly packaging.”
It is hoped that the collaboration will lead to various advancements being made in the beverage bottle and packaging industry.
XGS expects the XGPET material to offer enhanced physical strength, advanced product designs, processing benefits and potential reductions in the use of PET for some bottle designs.”

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Source: Packaging Gateway. Image: XG Sciences who say

“By adding XGPET, formulated with graphene, to your material you can improve shelf life, make stronger and lighter products, improve processing cycle times, reduce energy costs and more. The formulation is tailored to work with a wide variety of PET formulations.”

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