Graphene Flagship partner Aixtron showcased two systems that enable large scale graphene production for applications in consumer electronics, sensors and photonic applications.

Graphene Flagship partner AIXTRON introduced results from two of its systems that enable the large-scale production of graphene through chemical vapour deposition (CVD). The Neutron is a roll-to-roll system capable of depositing large areas of graphene on metal foils under ambient conditions; the CCS 2-D system enables wafer-scale production of graphene on insulating wafers, a breakthrough that will speed up the development of new graphene electronics.
To demonstrate the cost-effective nature of the graphene produced, AIXTRON distributed samples at the Industrial Forum.
The innovative Neutron system has a capacity of up to 20,000 square meters of graphene per year; this is around 200 times the production capacity of typical reactors in use today.
Alex Jouvray, programme manager at AIXTRON and Graphene Flagship work package leader for production, says, “Neutron is the product that resulted from of over three years of R&D, which included the demonstration of roll-to-roll graphene growth during the first stages of the Graphene Flagship project.”
Neutron brings the production of large areas of graphene beyond academic circles and to the factory floor. “The foil that is coated with graphene enters and exits the Neutron system under ambient conditions,” explains Jouvray. “Since it doesn’t need a vacuum, the Neutron can be easily placed inline at graphene manufacturing plants,” he adds….
Andrea C. Ferrari, Science and Technology Officer of the Graphene Flagship and Chair of its Management Panel added that “the ultimate aim of the Graphene Flagship is to bring graphene and related layered materials from the lab to the factory floor.”

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Source: Phys Org
Image: AIXTRON’s new ‘Neutron’ roll to roll system for the production of graphene. Credit: AIXTRON / Graphene Flagship
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