The Nanoscale Science Lab (NSEL) – full name Nanoscale Science and Engineering Laboratory is at Monash University. The Lab is led by Professor Mainak Majumder. The NSEL research area is described as Translational Graphene Research Program

Mainak is Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Adjunct Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, at Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia.

“Overview of research theme in our group where we combine the synthesis of 2D materials such as graphene with fundamental studies of colloidal phases and flow behaviour to arrive at industrially-adaptable manufacturing and fabrication methods in developing efficient graphene-based platforms for clean energy, chemical separations and micro-/nano-fluidics.
Graphene-based energy materials and devices program: Most of the research activity centres around exfoliation of graphite in liquid phase predominantly as a highly oxidised and water soluble precursor – graphene oxide (GO).
Graphite is a naturally occurring mineral deposit which serves as a cheap source for these advanced materials, thus highlighting a significant value addition to this mineral resource.
Graphene-based materials because of their monoatomic thickness possess massive surface area, large electrical conductivity, mechanical flexibility and can be processed easily in the fluid phase. The energy program endeavours to develop novel energy storage materials, architectures and devices in the space of super-capacitors and batteries….
“Our contributions to nanoscale science are built on strong fundamentals from established disciplines such as materials chemistry, electrochemistry, colloidal science, & micro- and nano-fabrication.
An underlying guiding principle in most of our work is the relevance of transport processes primarily mass & momentum . We seek deeper understanding of fluid and mass transport in confined spaces, and the relationship between transport phenomena & materials processing.”

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