Call for Nominations for the Australian Graphene Industry Association board. Have a look at the team page here to see directors and GM. The Closing Date: 16 August 2019 (5:00pm EST)

To nominate or vote at the AGM you need to be a member*. Some additional rules apply to nominations. Best to download this document and also the constitution.See those links at the bottom of this document.

* You can register to become a member over here. The $44 incl. GST offer for individuals has been rolled over for August. Corporate Memberships are $660 including GST.

Note: This excerpt is the first page of the document only. Page 2 includes more detail.

“In accordance with clause 20 of its Constitution, the Australian Graphene Industry Association Ltd (AGIA) is calling for nominations for its Board of Directors. In accordance with clause 20 of the Constitution all Members of AGIA are eligible to nominate for vacant Board positions in 2019.
Nominations must comply with clause 20 and are open to any Individual member of AGIA.
Nominations must be received by the Administrative Officer at least twenty eight (28) days prior to the Annual General Meeting and shall be sent to the Members entitled to receive notice under this Constitution of the Annual General Meeting with the agenda for that General Meeting..
In accordance with the clause 20(b) of the Constitution, three (3) of the Elected Directors will retire from office as follows:
1. Simon Savage
2. Bronwyn Fox
3. Chris Gilbey
Those retiring Elected Directors will, subject to the requirements of the Constitution, be eligible for re-election by the Members as Elected Directors.
The AGIA Nominations Committee will consider all Nominees and will recommend to the Board, those candidates meeting the appropriate qualities and skill sets required by the Board.
Voting members for the Board positions will be conducted at the AGM.
In 2019 the Nominations Committee have been instructed to give favourable consideration to Nominees with marketing and communications, advocacy, policy setting or government relations competencies and experience. Governance and financial competencies will also be highly desirable.”

Source: 2019 Call for Board Nominations

A copy of the full AGIA constitution is available for download below. 19 pages PDF format.

Image adapted from one by annca from Pixabay

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