Here is an example of a company commercialising graphene as part of their business model.

“GrapheneCA’s management has devised a plan to commercialise graphene in a way that addresses the principal technical and logistical issues for commercialisation. Yes, an effective graphene-based business model can be devised.
The company is going public soon, GrapheneCA has a number of strong partners to pursue commercialisation opportunities, with a seemingly limitless number of potential applications on the horizon. Graphene adoption is already underway, and it appears to be at the tip of the iceberg.
As a general proposition, tech investing involves substantial risk and speculation for investors, as emerging technology normally represents a series of question marks:

  • Is the technology marketable?
  • Can it be introduced cost-effectively?
  • Can a business model be devised to efficiently commercialise the technology?
  • Is the technology being adopted?

As an industrial input, graphene will impact a much greater number of industries with its revolutionary potential. As noted in Part Two, a graphene-based cement admix has the potential to eliminate the need for steel rebar in the fabrication of “reinforced concrete” that is an essential material for all large-scale construction projects today. But that’s only one such application.
Consider how omnipresent plastic became in the 20th century and how it is still universally used. Graphene’s properties – ultra-lightweight, superior strength, superior flexibility, superior electrical and heat conductivity – open up a literal world of possibilities for the unoxidized graphene produced by GrapheneCA.
The company is working with a number of industrial and institutional partners to unlock the potential of graphene as a Miracle Input for the 21st-century economy.
These high-value products feature graphene as an input and in some cases represent entirely new commercial applications. At the same time, like previous Miracle Materials such as plastics, graphene has perhaps even greater potential to affect industrial economics as an additive: producing graphene-based coatings, composites, and hybrid materials.”

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