Graphene scientist Dr Maria Iliut, co-founder of The University of Manchester spin-out Grafine has been featured in a new marketing campaign for Manchester in the UK.

“An advanced materials scientist is among those featuring in a new international campaign highlighting the unique characteristics of Manchester.
Dr Maria Iliut, co-founder of The University of Manchester spin-out Grafine, shared her story via the #CitizensofMCR campaign from Marketing Manchester, revealing a personal insight into her life and career and the factors that led her to live and work in the city.
To date more than 40 individuals have shared their stories, emphasising the diversity, sector strengths and characteristics of the city region.
Originally from Romania, where she obtained her PhD, Dr Iliut came to Manchester for a postdoctoral research position in 2014 and remained in the city to further her career in advanced materials, working on initiatives including the commercialisation of graphene.
Her work to date includes formulating the graphene-enhanced rubber compound used in the development of a range of running and walking shoes produced by the North West company inov-8.
She said: “Manchester is the home of graphene, so I really wanted to be here and work here. Graphene itself is so full of surprises and you never finish learning about it. You learn new properties every day. When you do a new experiment, you discover something new about it.
“I think Manchester is a city full of opportunities. You can find any kind of job you like and do it in a good way because it has the resources for that. Or you can create new jobs by developing new products or establishing your own spin-out company.
grafine is a new business spun-out of The University of Manchester in the UK, the “Home of Graphene”. Our mission is to collaborate with global industry partners to create new types of high-performance elastomers enhanced with graphene and other 2-D materials and nano-materials. ​
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