First Graphene has managed to incorporate its graphene PureGRAPH product into steel-capped boots — and at the same time possibly solved a major industry issue.

“First Graphene (ASX:FGR) has worked with boot manufacturer Steel Blue to make a pair of boots incorporating graphene — into the sole and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam inner sole.
Graphene is the world’s strongest material and First Graphene is one of very few listed ASX companies dedicated to commercialising the material.
The prototype was manufactured in WA and will now be sent off for lab tests ahead of possible field trials lasting up to six months.
The promise of incorporating graphene into boots is that it will improve the boots’ mechanical properties, while also providing additional benefits in thermal heat transfer, chemical resistance, and reduced permeability.
In short, it will make the boots tougher.
But in the past, incorporating graphene into boots had proved a tricky challenge — mostly because there was no real process for incorporating graphene into polyurethane.
“Previously, the successful dispersion of graphene into a TPU masterbatch has been a major graphene industry issue,” the company said.
“Extensive research by FGR has resulted in a manufacturing method which has overcome what was previously seen as a real issue.”
While there’s still major testing to take place, the fact the ASX company could be a world leader in incorporating graphene into boots — and possibly other products that use thermoplastic polyurethane — speaks volumes.
It also goes to one of the other major issues faced by graphene companies — investors just can’t see the practical uses of graphene.”

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