The AGIA are proud to Welcome Graphene Manufacturing Group as sponsors to the AGIA. As a leading technology business, GMG holds the vision to unlock a wide variety of graphene applications that until now have been restricted to research labs.

With a focus on their customers, and their needs, GMG is able to produce bulk supply of high quality graphene at a lower cost than current existing production methods. Constantly refining the graphene production process they are able to meet the exacting requirements that each of their customer demands allowing for the best application process and best result for their customers.

Products include energy saving coolant, concrete strengthener, energy saving paint as part of their graphene fluids product range. And of course graphene for for manufacturing at scale.

“GMG is a global technology business empowering innovation across industries through the bulk supply of Graphene.
GMG is customer led, working with global manufacturers in targeted industries to understand their challenges with innovation and sustainability.
We work hand-in-hand with our customers to create customised graphene products based on specific parameters.
We work with you to determine which graphene gives the best results for your products. We can supply this graphene to you in bulk quantities or we can co-locate at your production facility creating graphene on-site.
This has been a journey of continual innovation by founder Craig Nicol and a team of high-performance executives, each with decades of experience in one of world’s largest energy companies. In 2016, Craig used his energy and nanoparticle pharmaceutical manufacturing business experience to create a business to manufacture bulk graphene to disrupt unsustainable manufacturing practices and enhance society.”

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