Graphene Concrete additive released to the market by GrapheneCA, company exec Robles says “it is commercially available to the multibillion-dollar concrete industry.” The actual concrete additive of graphene is only a small percentage. This product will be available at retail as well as for large scale builders.

“David Robles, head of Business Development for privately-owned GrapheneCA tells Proactive that the firm has debuted its new graphene-based product line, called Original Graphene (OG) Concrete Admix, that targets improvements in cement from a single additive to reduce cracking, improving strength, and making it weather resistant.
Born out of the idea of making a product that could prevent hurricane-related home destruction, Robles says it is the first product to make graphene commercially available to the multibillion-dollar concrete industry. The company plans to release more products within the series, including products designed to treat ceilings, used in applications such as floor self-leveling.”

World Cement says:

Graphene supplier and product manufacturer Nano Graphene Inc., dba GrapheneCA introduced its new product line Original Graphene (OG). OG Concrete Admix is the first product to make the material commercially available to the US$395 billion industry of retail concrete. The additive imbues cement with graphene’s superior properties to make it exponentially stronger, lighter, and more resistant.
This all-in-one approach makes the OG Concrete Admix product a perfect additive to cement. GrapheneCA’s focus on a price-sensitive application leads to taller, faster, lighter, and more durable constructions overall, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. The launch of Original Graphene Cement admix targets multiple improvements in cement from a single additive reducing cracking, improving strength and weather resistance to build structures that last.
Robles says – “It can cut carbon emissions tremendously, requiring less cement, that lasts longer and it is highly compatible with all water based mortar systems.”

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Source: Christine Corrado at Proactive Investors
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