Haydale Graphene will develop space technology for the ESA.

“Haydale Graphene (HAYD) has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop non-metallic gas tanks for spacecraft propulsion systems.
The AIM listed company is to formulate and model a largely de-risked tank, before moving onto manufacturing development models for full testing to get a specific Spacecraft Propulsions Systems qualification.
Haydale will work alongside International Space Propulsion Ltd through the ESA ARTES Competitiveness & Growth program, who award funding to develop Airbus approved space technology, in conjunction with the UK Space Agency.
Keith Broadbent, CEO, Haydale, said: “This funding will allow Haydale to develop existing knowledge in the space industry and we look forward to developing the technology alongside our partners.”
He added: “We are pleased to have gained the support of the Airbus DS Tank Product Group who are interested in the development of competitive non-conventional pressure vessel products, and can provide clear design drivers thanks to their invaluable expertise.”
The company said that the demand for small satellite launches has “created a challenge” within the existing space propulsion supply chain for low-cost reliable components.
Haydale has a non-metallic system that it says offers a low-cost alternative with reduced lead time, which is the time it takes to process an order and receive shipments. The system also has a wide range of configurations to suit end user requirements.
Several prominent satellite technology producers have been engaged with Haydale in developing the specification and tank design for eventual manufacture and deployment.”

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Source: Vox Markets (Abraham Darwyne)
Company Press Release- Haydale Awarded Funding to Develop Airbus Approved Space Technology
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