A power bank of 10,000mAh that can recharge in just 19 mins by using a lithium graphene battery sounds incredible if it really works as claimed. The Indiegogo campaign for the Apolllo Max has raised just over $30k US and still has 23 days to go. One to watch?

“Elecjet has been running an Indiegogo campaign for its Apollo Max power bank. Touting graphene-enhanced technology for lower internal resistance and better cooling during use, the power bank can recharge to its 10,000mAh capacity in just 19 minutes and supports plenty of power delivery options via its USB-C port to charge a range of devices.
Power banks are an essential item for travelers who need to be wary of fully juicing up the thing before setting off on their journey. While a typical unit takes a few hours to recharge (depending on charging speed and capacity), Elecjet’s Apollo Max can be ready to go in just 19 minutes, the company claims.
The lithium-graphene battery of the Apollo Max is said to boost its charging efficiency to 96 percent, 10 percent more than competitors. With 10,000mAh being the sweet spot of battery packs, in terms of capacity and size, Elecjet says that the Apollo Max has a dimensional footprint of a typical smartphone.
The power bank supports 60W charging from its USB-C port and 18W quick charging from its USB-A port. As a result, it can power/recharge a range of devices, like a MacBook Air for 5 hours, fully charge an empty iPhone 11 Pro twice or a Canon EOS 90D DSLR three times.”

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Source: Tech Spot See also Indiegogo Campaign for Apollo Max which says “Apollo Max also uses Graphene as a cooling layer to promote heat dissipation and eliminate the overheating issues during fast charging that are common with other batteries.” Image: IndieGogo – Said to be “airline safe.”

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