Graphene-containing tires exhibit good performance during an 18 month development and testing programme in the UK. They showed improvements in wear resistance, rolling resistance, fuel economy and braking performance.

“Gratomic has announced a breakthrough technology that it says could enhance the performance of its tires by using graphenes.
During an 18-month development program, Gratomic tires enhanced with surface engineered graphenes were tested on real roads in the UK. They exhibited more than a 30% increase in wear resistance over competing brand tires – equivalent to an additional mileage of +30% before it was necessary to replace the tire.
Furthermore, the tests based on industry-standard dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) showed an improvement in rolling resistance, a 30% improvement in fuel economy, and a 40% improvement in wet and ice braking.
“We see these results as a breakthrough in tire technology and safety. We look forward to deploying nano-engineered-graphenes-enhanced passenger and light commercial tires into the global tire market,” said Gratomic chairman and co-CEO Sheldon Inwentash.
Gratomic is collaborating with Perpetuus Carbon Technology, a European manufacturer of graphenes, to use Aukam graphite to manufacture graphene products for commercialization on an industrial scale. Perpetuus confirmed that its scientists supervised all independent third-party industry expert performance analysis and also the datalogged road testing exercise.
“The initial six-month competitive terrain testing program has demonstrated the economic benefits and advantages of including Gratomic’s graphite surface modified graphene fillers within tire elastomers,” said Ian Walters, COO director of Perpetuus.

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Source: Tire Technology International Image: representative only Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

How Big Is The Tire Business? (Notes from Gratomic)
• According To Tech-Sci Market Report “Global Tire Market Forecasts & Opportunities, 2022” The World Tire Market Is To Exceed 319 Billion Dollars By 2022
• Currently 2.2 Billion Tires Are Sold Worldwide Annually
• A Few Grams Per Tire Makes A Lot Of Graphite Sold”

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