A new graphene enhanced power charger / fast charger that uses a graphene skin for cables that allows them to be lighter, stronger, more flexible, and dissipate heat better.

“Aukey has unveiled its new Omni-Power range of accessories for device charging. It asserts that these new products will help certain users get all they can out of the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) technology baked into their devices: for example, the iPhone 11 ships with a 5-watt (W) adapter, despite the fact it is rated for 18W charging.
The company also claims that their new charging platform can power various devices at high rates or volumes, so that the same iPhone can charge to 55% in 30 minutes while a notebook capable of charging through a USB type-C port can do so at its optimal wattage.
The Omni-Power series boasts up-to-date properties such as graphene overlays for energy transfer or storage. It also incorporates the new gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor standard for the same, which also makes the new accessories ultra-compact and portable. Finally, Aukey’s own Dynamic Detect technology, developed to optimize a given charger’s output depending on what is connected to it, makes a return in this new line.”

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Source: Notebook and Omni Power Technology

“Graphene Skin is an AUKEY technology used in Omni-Power cables that allows them to be lighter, stronger, more flexible, and dissipate heat better. Traditional cables use aluminum as shielding, but this is inferior to graphene in almost every way. Graphene is a cutting-edge material that can be extremely thin and flexible while remaining strong and durable, making it perfect for cables. The ultra-thin nature of Graphene skin also helps prevent heat built-up inside the cable, so the technology is ideal for high-powered charging solutions like USB Power Delivery.”

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