Graphene sensing patches which “can react to a slight change in wound parameters with high sensitivity” have been developed by Grapheal.

“A company in France – Grapheal – developed graphene sensing patches app technology which measures and stores wound parameters, then communicates them to a medical cloud via a smartphone app. Wounds can be continuously monitored.
This e-health solution empowers caregivers with an improved and individualized wound assessment tool. Thus, nurses and doctors can monitor remotely the wound healing evolution and be alerted of any early stage infection and prevent complications.
More than being non invasive, graphene has proven to stimulate wound healing. Graphene being atomically thin, electrons are forced to travel on its surface. A graphene electrode conductivity will change according to the wound physicochemical changes.
Graphene forms an ultrathin and robust conductive layer. The patented integration method produce light and fully flexible electrodes, and the patch can adapt to any shape of wound and can react to a slight change in wound parameters with high sensitivity.
Grapheal is a Spin-off from Neel Institute CNRS Grenoble, incubated with support from SATT Linksium Technology Transfer Office. The Grapheal team consists of Vincent Bouchiat CEO, former senior researcher at CNRS in electronics & materials, who co-authored more than 100 papers and 8 patents; Antoine Bourrier CTO, entrepreneur and med-tech expert, who defended in 2017 his PhD thesis on graphene coated intra-cortical implants; Behnaz Djoharian CIO programming engineer for IOT devices experienced in startups; and Riadh Othmen, process and quality engineer producing pure graphene for three years”.

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Source: National Graphene Association
Image: Grapheal – Who We Are
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