Real time leak and strain detection by HEAL and Imagine for healthier built environment uses a graphene coating surface to sense moisture and strain in buildings.

“HEAL, an open business platform co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, jointly announce a collaboration with Imagine Intelligent Materials to develop a proof of concept solution that will deliver an innovative, real-time, leak and pressure sensing IoT monitoring solution, enabling alerts to address moisture and strain in buildings.
The concept aims to solve the need to improve health of our built environment and address leakage and moisture issues in real estate before they escalate into costly issues. HEAL and Imagine are teaming up to collaboratively address one of the most difficult challenges in the building industry, to provide a sustainable solution that is applicable worldwide, and delivers low cost plus scalability.
Imagine’s technology is based on using inexpensive graphene-coated sensing surfaces, together with hardware and software algorithms to detect moisture or strain from structures in real-time. The system provides alerts to end users to ensure that corrective measures and actions are taken to prevent issues becoming worse and causing additional cost for owners and inconvenience for occupiers.
“Moisture often becomes visible in quite different places to the location of the source of the problem. This results in many hours of expensive human time invested in finding the location of the source of the problem. Early and accurate location of a leak translates into substantial cost savings from fast problem resolution and less requirement for asset replacement damaged as a result of leaks”, says Jaakko Kaidesoja, President of Imagine Intelligent Materials Oy.
The moisture detection system can be installed either during the construction phase or as an after-market solution installed during renovation. This will enable real-time monitoring of roofs, walls and other parts of a structure, not only to identify where a leak occurs but also to provide structural health reporting on stress and strain to concrete, wood and brick components that may be damaged or may fail from wear and tear. Simultaneous monitoring of multiple areas of buildings can be delivered by HEAL’s digital solutions and monitoring tools.

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Source: Imagine

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