Your Conference Pitch. Need some tips to support your attendance? If you had a last chance to get a ticket for the Graphene + conference tomorrow what would you do to pitch the business case to your boss or finance department ? Tickets are almost fully sold but if you act quickly you can still be there.

“There are classic ways to argue that it’s in your employers’ interest to pay for you to go to a conference. It’s a good sign of their long-term interest in you that they invest in your skill and career development (which is why at most elite corporations, it’s standard for knowledge workers to have a per employee training budget that’s often enough to pay for one conference a year).

  • You are an asset to your company. All assets require maintenance and enhancements. If instead of being a person, you were a piece of machinery, part of the corporate budget would go towards maintaining and upgrading you. Well, despite being human, you are an asset to the company. They should be investing the same percentage of budget towards maintaining and upgrading your skills as they do for the rest of the corporate assets.
  • Connect the value of the conference to business goals. If ease of use or customer satisfaction are company or division goals, you can claim that sending folks to conferences on those subjects will help pull in more expertise and knowledge towards helping the business. This argument puts less of the focus on your professional goals, and more on the company.
  • Professional development. If you have career discussions with your manager, tie your career goals and future development to specific kinds of training or growth opportunities that you need. This might force you to rethink which conferences you’re going to (the cool conference might not be the one that’s likely to help your career/skill growth the most). In some organizations, folks will get to go to conferences provided they are presenting or participating in a session.”

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Source: Scott Berkun.

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