Electric vehicle manufacturers all need high performance batteries and Australian company Talga is working on that right now. The company is scaling up Talnode-C production for testing by customers ahead of potential supply deals.

“In early 2018, Talga tested some of its raw graphite in a battery – and it worked. So, it did a bigger test – and discovered that anode material made from Vittangi graphite made really high-performance lithium-ion batteries.
At a European battery show in Hanover in early 2018 the company was swamped with queries from car brands, electronics companies, and battery makers, says Thompson.
“They were all interested in our results,” he says. “It turns out that our special high-grade deposit in Sweden makes a natural graphite particle which performs a bit like synthetic graphite – very expensive synthetic graphite.”
For Talga, there are big economic and performance advantages to becoming Europe’s first anode producer.
It is set to benefit from its proximity to the “wakening beast” that is Europe’s electric vehicle manufacturing sector.
As this industry grows, there’s a coordinated push to establish internal EV supply chains across the EU. That’s where Talga comes in.
“The automotive and cell companies that we are talking to, they actually want European [anode] supply starting in 2022 or earlier,” Thompson says.
“Local supply isn’t just strategically important but can be mandated by the financiers and local governments.
“Our growth is strategically designed to match the growth of the wider industry. It’s great timing.”

Talga had started life as a mining company

“Simultaneously, it became apparent to Talga that electrification of transport would become a global long-term growth story…”
“After a year of exploring and developing the deposits, Talga discovered that it could make graphene by running an electric current through the ore.
This is very unique — graphene straight from ore in a single step.
“We could now cheaply, with no limit on scale, make endless amounts of graphene,” Thompson says.
“That remains one of the world’s greatest breakthroughs when it comes to graphene.”
Talga went public with their breakthrough in early 2014, and by 2015 decided to set up a pilot plant in Germany to scale up the process and make nanomaterials from their graphite ore.”

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