Recent trials at a major Queensland retail centre demonstrated the immense power of graphene to deliver the kind of energy savings Australia will need in order to meet its emissions reductions targets.

Graphene is the most conductive material ever measured. By introducing graphene into coolants through a unique process, energy savings of up to 40% were measured through the acceleration of cooling, using existing tower systems with no other modifications.

The results are demonstrated in the below charts:

AGIA Chart

Invented by one of the world’s leading graphene manufacturers, Australia’s GMG, the potential impacts of ‘G’ Coolant are obvious from an emissions reduction standpoint.

But they also offer the possibility of significant reductions in the need to develop additional base-load power generation as existing plant is retired – a factor that could be worth billions of dollars in Australia and trillions globally.

Australia’s leadership in key areas of graphene commercialisation must be supported. The AGIA again calls for government support to assist in bringing more examples of the stunning gains offered by graphene down the commercialisation pathway.

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