Chinese EV maker Guangzhou Automobile New Energy (GAC) has announced that it has developed a graphene-enhanced battery for electronic vehicles which will be available for mass production at the end of this year. GAC reports that its graphene technology can charge batteries up to 85% in 8 minutes.

In 2014, Guangzhou Automobile Group started the research and development of graphene technology, and gradually started to focus on the preparation and application of 3D structural graphene (3DG) material with independent intellectual property rights. It is not quite clear what this tech is, but 3D graphene seems to imply that it is more of a graphite material.

In November 2019, the “super fast-charge battery” based on this 3D structural graphene (3DG) material independently developed by Guangqi was officially announced.

According to Guangzhou Automotive New Energy, the battery successfully completed the testing of the battery cell, module, and battery pack samples, and carried the whole vehicle for high power charging test. Plus, the battery life and safety have reached the usage standard.

Batteries vs. supercapacitors image



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